Exploring Lithgow and the Blue Mountains

Friday was another wet day however we never let rain dampen our plans. We headed out to the Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, boy were we glad we did!  The gardens are incredible! We were taken on a tour by Rusty, head of the education section for the Gardens.  He showed us around the stunning gardens, took us through the rainforest walk and shared the history behind the gardens. It was a great chance to show the girls the Wollemi Pine too, not only did they love that they were on an extinct volcano, but to see something that was around when the dinosaurs were was pretty awesome for both of them!  Rusty showed us his classroom where Jemma spotted the blue yabbies in the tank and Jasmine got to see the real fossils Rusty had discovered and how to find them in the layers of rock - she is back into fossil hunting again!

The Discovery Centre underneath the restaurant was also a great place to teach the girls about the area and the film that runs with images we thought was pretty impressive, until it finished and the automatic curtains pulled back and the screen rolled up into the ceiling revealing the absolutely breathtaking views out over the valley and into the very far distance (the mist had cleared a little at that stage).

We enjoyed a lovely lunch in the restaurant, complimented so well by the awesome views and delicious food. The kids loved that they got to draw on the table while they waited for their meals, the paper cover over the tablecloth was decorated by lovely flowers and fairies by the time we left.

Today was another wet one but again we were still able to get out and have fun.  We headed out to Katoomba, the heart of the Blue Mountains.