Lithgow at last!

glow_worm_tunnelThere is nothing quite like the feeling of hitting the road, after all the talking, all the preparation and all the build up, we finally hit the road to Lithgow at about 4pm!

The drive from Canberra to Lithgow took us about 4 hours, winding through the lush green hills and the amazing amount of wildlife and animals. If you only take one of my recommendations, take the Oberon road from Goulburn to Lithgow, it is absolutely fantastic. Winding through the mountains and farm lands, we actually started a list we spotted so many animals...

Lots of cows with young ones (a bit bigger than new borns)
Lots of sheep with lambs
a wombat
a rabbit
and a very lovely wild peacock!
We arrived about 8pm to our B&B Majic Views. It is just as lovely as the last time we were here. Built on the side of the mountain the views truly are majic!  The owners Alan and Jeannie are so welcoming and we have our own two bedroom unit style accommodation. The kids particularly love the great big spa bath.

The kids have also loved playing with Janda the friendly dog here.  Teddy has even learnt a new word 'dog', well... 'do' but he points to Janda when he says it.road_to_worms

After both Greg and I came down with the flu we weren't sure if driving on Wednesday would be such a good idea but we made it anyway.  We left Thursday as a free day to recover but we decided in the afternoon to go for a drive. We headed out for the glow worm tunnel and the Lost City in the National Parks near Lithgow. After rain in the morning we were a little wary of the roads but they weren't too bad.  There were a few hairy spots towards the tunnel but only small rough patches. The drive through the old rail tunnel was pretty awesome through the rock, except that Greg had to stop and take photos in there. The walk down to the glow worm tunnel was beautiful. I do however recommend taking a torch to walk through the tunnel, as we didn't have one it was too dark to continue through it. Even still the walk was well worth it.tunnel_on_road_to_worms

On the road back we took what we thought was the turn off to the Lost City yet soon found we were actually lost! Tell you what, we certainly put the Cruiser through its paces as we found some incredible little spots of our own. Thankfully Greg ignored my pleas to turn back as only a few hundrend metres more and we came out onto sealed road. Phew!

It was really great fun, and there was no shortage of cool dirt roads to take and find little lookouts, rockwalls and fantastic scenery. This is the beauty of the Blue Mountains, just get out and explore - but be prepared for anything!