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Annabel Trends Shoulder Bag

ABT_Bag_1As if we don’t have enough in our handbags to carry around, it seems however when you go on holidays that Mum’s handbag turns into everyone’s bag that Mum has to carry!  The Annabel Trends Shoulder Bag was given a very good Road Test on our recent trip to Lithgow in the Blue Mountains. 

When we travel we do a lot of walking with the kids.  Everyone has their own camera (around their neck) and their own drink bottle, I make sure I carry snacks and treats to keep them going too.  Then there is the beanies, jackets, towels, sun cream and everything else that you have to carry just because you might need it!  All that can not only weigh you down but have you ever tried to find the lollies at the bottom of your handbag when everything else is packed on top?

I found myself as usual carrying everyone’s drinks and often camera’s too.  This time I was smart with the help of my Annabel Trends Handbag. The handbag itself is extremely light weight yet strong and features long shoulder straps and LOTS of pockets on the outside.  This allowed me to have 2 pockets for drink bottles (yes, I was able to fit 2 bottles in each pocket), 1 pocket for cameras and the last outside pocket for lollies, tissues and little bits that would be lost elsewhere.  The main compartment held my nappy wallet for Teddy and I was even able to fit a jumper in there too and still be able to locate my mobile phone when it rang.

What surprised me the most was that the straps were long enough to make the bag double as a backpack which proved easier to carry when walking long distances. With the thick straps it was also quite comfortable to carry this way, even with the weight I had packed into it!  The kids quickly learnt where their bottles were kept and always put them back in the right spot.  They also learnt even quicker where I kept the lollies so they knew when to walk beside me when they saw my hand come out of that pocket!

As an everyday handbag I also loved the Annabel Trends Shoulder Bag as I don’t think I ever lost my wallet.  Tucked away in the special zippered compartment in one of the pockets, it was easy to get to and I didn’t have to rifle through everything else in the bag. 

The Annabel Trends Shoulder Bag comes in two different designs, Samsara (which I had) and Zebra.  While normally I love a vibrantly coloured handbag (that is just my personality!!) what I loved about the Samsara design was that Jasmine my 7 year old got a matching travel purse and felt so grown up with a handbag like Mummy’s!  Now, to get her to carry her own drink bottle!

You can see more information or purchase your own Annabel Trends Shoulder Bag from Haggus and Stookles online.

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