Desk To Go

_Lap_Colour_inThe Desk To Go’s have become an essential item in our car for holidays.  On our recent trip to Lake Eyre we had to cover over 1700kms in 3 days.  That meant 5+ hours in the car with only a few short breaks for 3 days straight.  I cannot tell you how amazed I was at just how well my children travelled during this time and I owe it to Haggus and Stookles and the Desk To Go!

The Desk To Go is a fantastic way for the children to colour in, draw and write while seated in the car.  The top features a sturdy writing surface with a bean bag underneath allowing the desk to sit comfortably on the child’s lap.  It also has two pockets that hang down either side of the desk with zippers to hold all the texta’s and pencils they need to create their master piece.  Even though our 5 year old has a booster seat with arm rests, the desk sat comfortably on her lap with plenty of easy access to the pockets.

We found that the desks also got a great deal of use in camp and while their cousins travelled with us, as the children could easily use the Desks on the ground and sit or lie in front of them to colour in, and all the children could easily access the texta’s in the pockets.

Space was such a huge concern for us during our trip so it was fantastic that the Desk To Go’s folded up neatly with the pockets attaching to each other underneath.  This meant that when driving around at our locations the packed up Desks could slide underneath the seat in front of them, not taking up the space on the floor the children needed to get in and out of the car.  It also meant they were protected from the dust and dirt from shoes!

Although the Desk To Go has an elastic strap on the writing surface to hold paper, we tried to only give our children books to use on it.  We purchased scrap books for them to use for drawing in an effort to reduce the amount of loose paper that ends up littering the car and camp site.  We found the strap held the books in place well so they were less inclined to slide around on the bumpy tracks – and yes, they did use them on the legendary dirt tracks into Arkaroola and Lake Eyre.  The benefit of the books too is that now we have a fantastic record of the children’s adventures through their drawings, something that would have been impossible without the Desk To Go.

To find out more details or purchase your Desk To Go, please visit the Haggus and Stookles online store.