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High Road Car Organiser

KIDS-BSO-BLUEsmallerWhen we first purchased our High Road Car Organiser we thought that we would have room at the feet of the children for this to sit – unfortunately thanks to a baby on board this time we were mistaken on how much room we actually had overall!

Our High Road Car Organiser then really proved to be invaluable, with very little space, the ability to pack it up, pop on the lid and pack around it in the boot was FANTASTIC!!

The Organiser was always the first thing we unpacked at camp and the main item that our children were responsible for.  With the big shoulder strap it was always easy to grab from the car and carry to camp and the hard top lid gave the girls a fantastic table to draw on so I could keep the camp table clear – or separate the kids whatever was needed.

It was Jasmine, our 7 year olds, job to pack the Organiser before we left home.  Her instructions were “be ruthless and only pack what you think you will play with.”  I didn’t check what was packed so I was keen to see when we reached our first camp.  Out came the Barbie Dolls (2, one for each of them) and 2 outfits for each doll, the Frisbee, three tennis balls, a few assorted colouring in books and some stencils – Jas did well, I was proud!

When at camp, the High Road Car Organiser was also our Camp Organiser.  It kept all of the children’s belongings together, including their Desk To Go’s (that travelled in the car on long drives) and their souvenirs.  It meant that the kids always had a place to pack their belongings and I didn’t find bits of paper with random drawings flying over into the next campsite (well not too often anyway) or have rock collections and seed pods rattling around in every nook of the car.

When it was time to leave camp, the kids were responsible for packing up their belongings into the Organiser and choosing one colouring book for the car trip ahead, packing that into their Desk To Go and into their seats.  This was a fantastic way to make them responsible for something, keep them organised (and me too) and out of our hair while packing up as they would jump into their seats and start colouring in while we finalised the camper.

I highly recommend the High Road Car Organiser, especially if you don’t think you have the room!  Even now, our Organiser sits in my office with all of the children’s travel gear neatly packed and awaiting our next adventure!

For more details on the High Road Car Organiser please visit the Haggus and Stookles online store.

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