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Magna Play Magnetic Puzzles

Magnaplay_RobotsIf there is one thing I love when travelling it’s everything self contained!  The Magna Play Magnetic Puzzles from Haggus and Stookles are JUST that. 

This cute little metal suitcase opens to reveal magnetic pieces in all shapes and sizes, designed to get the kids imaginations working as they create all manner of objects from fairy’s to robots to animals!  To help them along there is a booklet with easy to follow designs to make but we found very quickly once the girls had the hang of it they were making up the most intricate things.

Each brightly coloured magnet is quite thick so they are easy to gently put into place and pick up for chubby little fingers.

When we hit the road to cover over 1,700kms in three days we found the Magna Play’s to be the most played with item in the car, and the one that kept the kids the quietest as they thought about what to make next.MagnaPlay_1
The girls would open the suitcase and put all the pieces on one side.  They would have a browse through the booklet and then get to work on their own creation on the other side of the case.  When they were finished playing they simply closed the suitcase and latched it together.  All pieces contained and kept neatly together ready for the next inspiration.

Jasmine (7) had a great time but I still find Jemma (5) sneaking one of the Magna Play’s out of the camping toys box to play with it as often as she can on days she is home with just me.  Jasmine has the Creative Creatures Puzzle, Jemma has the Secret Garden Puzzle and Teddy has the Robots in Space Puzzle.  Surprisingly Teddy (18 months) has a great time with his puzzle, I just have to watch him though as otherwise the puzzle looks a little too tasty – this one is used at home with me rather than in the car on his own. 

Recently the Great Aussie Road Trip exhibited at a travel expo and we had a few of the Magna Play’s on display with us.  We found that not only were they magnetic puzzles but they were kid magnets too – the kids just couldn’t help but play with them while they waited for Mum and Dad to catch up.MagnaPlay_things_that_go

A truly fantastic idea that makes kids use their imagination yet keeps everything contained, neat and tidy.  Well done!!

Available in 4 different designs, we found that these puzzles were fantastic for all three of our children and have also experienced older cousins who think they are great too (up to about 12 years old).

You can see more information and purchase the Magna Play Magnetic Puzzles from Haggus and Stookles – specialists in out and about with kids!  

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