Review - Minui HandySitt High Chair

HandySitt_6Minui HandySitt High Chair

When preparing everything we would need for our 3 week camping adventure there was one thing I just didn’t know how to conquer – How on earth do you get a 1 year old to sit still while you feed them, without having to make it a 2 person job?  Thankfully the Minui HandySitt High Chair came to my rescue!

HandySitt_4The HandySitt is like many high chairs these days, in that it attaches to a normal chair, in just a few seconds we had the HandySitt set up and Teddy strapped in and ready for dinner.  What really make it stand out from every other high chair for us were three things –

  • the fact that it was flat and easy to carry and travel with (complete with a sturdy bag to keep it all in)
  • we could set it up so easily and quickly whenever we needed to, andHandySitt_3
  • we could attach back legs that made it a free standing, go anywhere high chair.
  • That’s right – freestanding!  The back legs are an optional extra however for us it meant that Teddy had his own chair that was close to the ground for him and made feeding him so much easier. 

    Teddy loved being able to climb in and out of the chair himself (he’s still crawling) and have the independence of his own chair, not having to be held at meal times.  Unfortunately the bar that attaches HandySitt_7between his legs and sits as a barrier to keep him in the seat, didn’t work as well as we had hoped. With a little pressure from his hands (or fat tummy) he was able to pop it out and escape, however we found that he was so hungry with all the exploring he did that it was never a problem to keep him in the seat with the barrier just sitting there.

    Not just fantastic in the camp site, the HandySitt was also great when we ate out.  So simple to hook the top over the seat top, adjust the height of the hooks, click the HandySitt_1trap underneath and pop him in.  In this way the barrier worked perfectly and was at the right height that we could tuck Teddy under the restaurant table to eat.  Just look at that face – he loved every second of being in his HandySitt!

    When we were finished eating it was simple to detach the HandySitt and pack it back into the bag to carry as we walked back to camp.  When packed in the lovely, specially made HandySitt bag it is well protected and flat making finding the space in theHandySitt_5 very full Landcruiser much easier.

    Teddy still loves his HandySitt, it goes everywhere with us!

    To see more or purchase your own Minui HandySitt, click here to visit the Haggus and Stookles website.