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Teeny Towels Insect Repellent

Teeny_Towel_refillI am always worried about using insect repellents on my children however the risk of illness and complaints from itchy bites always over-rides my worries.  That was until I had my baby.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to find the Teeny Towels for use on our first big adventure with Teddy, he turned 1 a few days before we left for Lake Eyre and 3 weeks of camping. The fact that they were all natural was such a comfort however I really wasn’t sure at first how they would stack up in Australia’s outback, camping!

The Teeny Towels hard case was always packed in my handbag as we often found ourselves forgetting to pack the spray repellent when we went out in the morning and not returning til evening. It meant that I always had the wipes with me and they ended up being used on every member of the family.  I am pleased to say – NOT ONE mozzie bite on any of us!

With two girls who complain every time you spray them, they could easily use the wipe themselves to put the repellent on – saving my ears, and the rest of the campsite from thinking I was killing my children!

I could wipe the repellent easily on Teddy without it going into his eyes or him inhaling it as you often do with sprays.  What’s more, I also didn’t have to worry about his hands going into his mouth with the repellent on them.  The Teeny Towels Insect Repellent managed to answer every one of my fears about babies and insect repellent, I was so relieved.

As a side note, I also suffer from bad allergies to strong smells and hayfever.  Some normal insect repellent sprays leave me sneezing my head off and utterly miserable – I would rather the annoying bites!  I was able to use the Teeny Towels Insect Repellent with no sneezes, not only because it was not a spray but the citrus scent was not something that would set me off, and it wasn’t so strong and overpowering like most repellents are.

Our Teeny Towel Insect Repellents are now in the car, my handbag, at home, in the camper and anywhere else that we think we might need them!

Find out more about the Teeny Towels at the Haggus and Stookles online store.

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